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some uh, written work

On Babies and Guitars

beauty struck on first note
stressed bronze, cracked wood
vibrations restless and elegant
dance upon the crevice of a hand.
my hands!
myself! making melody
serenading the plaster walls, suburbia, and the young
breath that sits with me.
she'll dance and she'll grow to love
the sound and feel.


Fucking Mirrors

Look in the mirror -
What do you see?
Something so powerful,
That vague sense of jealousy.
A desire to trust,
and to never let down!
Hopeful to live forever,
Restless to lie in the ground.
A tired eye,
Though a mind awake,
The beating heart who gives,
Is the same one that takes.
The silent, empty, desperate stare
Of missing someone who should be there-
With you, to live!
To breathe, to hold,
Contrived and useless,
Or so you're told.
But this is what's reflected,
In the dirty panes of glass-
So again, and again it's asked:
What do you see.
The profound realization?
This is you, and this is me. 



the sun sets on a coastal empire,
and tonight she's right there beside me.
we're both in foreign states,
of mind,
of time,
of place,
and to direct my mind from things
best to be forgotton is surely a difficult task.


bright blue southern sky
clouds hang remorseful
that they have no relief to spill
night has come now, to eclipse the day
the georgia moon a meloncholy figure
as i float down the river
and think of you 1000 miles away
i hope your summers well,
and i hope you miss me too
even if its just the little part of your heart
that is dead to you


on Nathaniel Hawthorne 

a victorian soul as his!
passionate, vindictive,
the transgressions of ancestors
grieved him so.
to be blessed with a nature so confined to righting the wrong
should be the hope of any modern mind.
the colonial guilt and the
antiquity of a fallen conscious
should be remembered well. 


on Savannah

she sits on the colonial coast,
untouched by the General's fire.
an elegant air she holds,
but she isn't afraid to welcome.
time hasn't changed here,
nor does it have a right to.
such a modern antiquity
is shook by Georgia thunder tonight,
and the rain falls only to
help the new hope grow. 



I enjoyed all of that.
does that mean you're naked?

July 2007

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