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Jul. 21st, 2007

(no subject)

goddamn the internet sucks

Jul. 7th, 2007

(no subject)

so, nashville instead of manhattan. so much cooler. 

oh, no one got murdered.

Jul. 5th, 2007

(no subject)

Played old-time music down on River St. last night and discussed the prospect of extra-terrestrials being in the city with an inebriated gentleman and got kicked out by the cops because someone got murdered. 

This is why I love Savannah.

Jun. 30th, 2007

(no subject)

So, last night I get off of work at 11:30, and notice this kid with a guitar and harmonica.  Dressed in what can only be a Dylan-esque garb, complete with wily, curly fro, he starts playing...surprise surprise, a Bob Dylan tune! That's certainly not a bad thing, but it was a definte easy call. His name is Ray Mason, and he's a vagabond, and he's one of the raddest kids I've ever meet. Sick harmonicaist too. 

Anyways, we bought about 5 $2.00 PBR Drafts each, and after that went back to the place he was staying at on 50th and Whitaker, smoked two spliffs, watched the Outdoor Network or whatever, and watched Cowboy Weekend on AMC - (Live the Code!). I went home just as the sun was coming over the river, passed out at 6, woke up at 10, went to work till 5:30, found Ray and made some money playing songs down on River St. We then walked around Savannah, went to my car, got coffee, went back to his place, smoked another spliff, and wrote a song. 

He's got a music myspace:


We'll be heading to Manhattan at the end of this month. 



Last night three people were walking by and Ray called them over and this one girl Cynthia was kind of sloshed and I asked her for a cigarette and she gave me, so I said "Thank you, you're my hero."  Well then she replies with "Heroine."  But, I thought she meant she wanted to do smack, but she was just correcting me...I think that's an amusing story. She gave me and Ray kiss on the cheek when she left! It was cool in a "instant-crush" sort of way. Those instand crushes happen a lot, though.

Jun. 29th, 2007

some uh, written work


I found an empy condom wrapper in my trunk today, and I realized it was from that time we had slept in my car in Robbie's driveway, and it was so cold....At 6 we woke up, I drove  you home, went to work until 12:30 and picked you up again.  Then we took Rte. 2 straight to the Alewife station and made it to the Boston Commons just in time for the tail end of the March 24th protest. Then we went to a party and got just a little toasty, drove home drunk and sick in a snowstorm, and I knew that's the moment I fell for you...hard. 

The Polyphonic Spree is on Scrubs. 

I miss when I'd finally get to bed after smoking the last cigarette of the night, and you'd already be asleep but I'd take your hand and you'd squeeze it. 

Stupid stupid dreams. 

Work today, 5-11:30. Everyone should come for a ride. 



Number 4


That's very funny.  

Work was not too bad! I was nervous that I wouldn't like it and that the people there would suck, but it's really kind of fun.  Talking to some people I haven't in a while.  That's pretty sweet.  However! I am way too fucking tired to post anything of decent value at this point. And sweet sweet nicotine is calling my name.

Um, yeah. If anyone would like to visit, feel free too. 



Jun. 28th, 2007

Number 3

We drank bottled water together and talked business, I think I played the right moves, You were looking over my shoulder, as I went through the motions of another night. And it was alright, because I thought I knew who everybody was just by looking at them. My heart is anywhere but here. And how tired I was from the past couple weeks, from the past couple years, well it hit me all at once. On a balcony overlooking nothing, with snow falling all around, I called just to say good-night. And you hadn't done anything wrong, really, it's me not you. I can't believe how naive I was to think things could ever be so simple. And can you live with what you know about yourself, when you're all alone, behind closed doors, the things we never said but we always knew were right there. It's got me on my knees in a bathroom, praying to a god I don't even believe in, "Dear jesus...are you listening?" If this is the one chance that really matters, don't let me fuck this up. If you had told me about all this when I was fifteen, I never would have believed it

Jun. 27th, 2007

New Endeavor

Would anyone ever want to accompany me on a trip to Europe, perhaps with in the next two years?

fucking edit: i talked to mr. thomas robie tonight as he was slowly getting all the more smashed we decided we're going to europe after he gets off probation, which is june '08. ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO COME ALONG WITH US, WE WANT YOU. YES YOU.

number 2

Almost finished with The House of Seven Gables, and maybe I'll post some notes/thoughts/interpretations on what Hawthorne's motifs throughout the novel.  

I drove to get my drug screening on two front tires that have steel showing. Very, very sketchy.  However, I was able to purchase a pack of butts, the first in like two weeks.  Very , very nice.  So anyways, Garden City and Port Wentworth kind of suck, but that's just because I drove through and didn't get a chance to peruse the area, so to speak.  Downloaded some sweet Architecture In Helsinki, whom I haven't heard in forever.  Great band, though.  

Fuck I fucking miss the fuck out of her, and Massachusetts in general. 

I'm trying to get Tom to come down, but since he's on probation for a year I don't think that'll happen soon.  Tom is my very best friend in the entire world, and I think he'd love Savannah.  Hopefully I'll meet some people soon, now that I officially start on the boat tomorrow.  Two cruises, beginning at 5.  Should be interesting...

I can't wait for the Fest!  Kaitlee might be coming with me, and Robbie and Justin and Jen with her, would be cool.  Perhaps I'll go to the Different Kind Of Dude Fest too, since I can't make it to C.L.I.T.

What a goddamn fucking boring entry. Christ. 


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