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Jun. 26th, 2007

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It's rather strange. I ran away from MA because she didn't, or couldn't, be with me.  But now that I think on that how relationship, I realize she just made me feel like a benign presence.  Like I was there, but didn't really hold any signifigance? Well, no, that's not true.  Sometimes it is. So complicated...I miss her, though. 

Enough said on that matter. 

I should stop drinking my sister's beer and missing the toliet when I piss.

just a thought

I wonder why people have accents.

number 1

Hi everyone. 

My name is Tim and I've recently relocated myself from Massachsuetts to Georgia, for rather irrational reasons, but I'm here nontheless.  Welcome the world of Timmy, full of random nothings, generally a lot of booze, coffee, foul language, and a ton of good music. 

First thing first.  I'm 19, I know abosolutely NO ONE here, and it's eating my fucking soul away.  Massachusetts is looking ever-the-more lovely, but I know if I go back it'll be shit.  However, all of my friends live there, the best people in the entire world.  The only people I do know down here are my sister Amy, her boyfriend/almost husband Tony, and their 14-month old daughter Gabrielle. 

After a couple weeks of being here and running out of the miniscule amount of money I had brought with me, I've finally found a job as a deckhand for the River Street Riverboat Company.  I have to go in for a drug test which I know I'll pass but it's still shit.  Fucking bullshit.  Hopefully I'll find a better job...

Alright, more later I suppose. 

peace and love for everyone,

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